You might have heard the term in the marketing spectrum, SEO. However, are you 100% certain what it really means? Digital marketers really like to abbreviate the services to make it sound cool, therefore it is no wonder not everybody asks, “what is SEO?”.

To put it differently, SEO stands for search engine optimization.

It is a kind of SEM (haha! Marketers did it again), which helps optimize sites for search engines such as Google, Bing and YouTube too. If you are still unsure about exactly what SEO is and what it entails, you are in for a treat…

In this informative article, we are going to describe what SEO is – of course in brief. We aim to outline SEO in just around 1k words, so you don’t need to read for long duration. We are going to cover the fundamentals, importance and why businesses need them.

Let’s begin with the shortest guide of Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, like we have mentioned, is the method of optimizing a business, brand, or product website for search engines. Most businesses in India likes to be named in Google Searches (since it’s India’s most popular and commonly used search engine), however do not forget about other search engine sits such as Bing and Yahoo. SEO concentrates on taking up a website through the rankings of search engine results pages organically.

‘Organically? Like the free-range grains?’ Well, no — if Marketers state they imply ranks and results which are not paid ads. SEO disagrees with other kinds of SEM since it especially focuses on assisting a website to rank through ways for which you need not to pay to Google or other search platforms.

Some SEM strategies include paid advertisements, like PPC (pay-per-click ), meaning that ads for sites look above organic search results. By focusing on both SEO and PPC, you are able to dominate search engines for keywords related to your company.

Let’s get back to SEO. If you search for something on Search engines, you type in key phrases to obtain what you’re searching for. As soon as you type in the phrase you’re looking for, search engines yield results related to your search query, plus they rank the most important result (in regard to your search phrase ) on top of the SERP. The activities of SEO helps a website to get on top of search results for relevant queries.

Why SEO?

After knowing about SEO, you may think of its use and why to use. Why should you pay for SEO services? If you would like to be certain that your site is visible on the world wide web, SEO is vital. It helps your company and site to be attained by new clients, utilizing search engines to locate your products/services.

How SEO works?

By enhancing the backlinks, content, UI/UX and much more on your site, SEO gives a better probability of ranking for relevant search phrases. The very first step in SEO would be to specify site’s keywords you wish to rank for. This involves a little research — especially keyword research.

Search Engine Optimization marketers examine the analytics and data of a website, to see what phrase or keyword is presently drawing the maximum traffic to the website. After that, they start to devise a plan to help a business site to rank for niche keywords.

Listed below are couple of optimization methods to improve ranking of a website:

Add Informative & Engaging Content

So, you’ve got plenty of written articles on your Website — that Is fantastic. However, has it been optimized for SEO. It ought to include keywords which you would like your website to rank for.

Connect With Relevant Websites

By building internal links throughout your site, you permit search engine crawlers to crawl it easily. They could find their way to other webpages using these links and gather more relevant data on your site. This usually means that you want both internal and outbound hyperlinks. Outbound links are those backlinks which you get from other website, having similar kind of information related to your site.

There are so much things in SEO, which we will be discussing in upcoming blogs, but before your plan to have an SEO for your website, it would be best if your start with SEO audit. Use SEO tools or take assistance from SEO Deals. Our SEO service is critical for organic ranking. If you want your site to be ranked on the very first page of Google, you need to invest in SEO.


“The purpose of SEO is to rank the website higher on SERP not just for fun but to achieve sales and leads which are available on the online the portals.

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